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Alison Kurek

Alison Kurek is a mixed media artist creating fun, upbeat art work. Working primarily in acrylic paint and polymer clay, she creates bright, colorful images featuring animals, cocktails, an occasional human and of course, Silent Mylo. If asked to describe her purpose in life she’d say it’s to make people laugh. “Life is challenging and, on the whole, we are too stressed out. We often forget to look at the lighter side of things. We NEED to laugh!” A good dose of her art work is sure to make you smile. Taken on a regular basis it may even lead to spontaneous fits of laughter. Ms. Kurek is a Buffalo, NY native and a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo. She has exhibited and sold her work through galleries, shops and art festivals for many years and is held in numerous collections throughout the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Asia and Australia.