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Be You Be United Campaign 2: It’s LIVE!

Be You Be United Campaign 2: It’s LIVE!

Why I Care

This was taken a few years after we came to the states. I’m the littlest one wearing her brother’s hand-me-downs.


My name is Marinette Kozlow and I own Inspired Buffalo LLC. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, went to school here, and graduated from SUNY Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design. Why would I care so much about how refugees are treated and why do I feel so much gratitude towards these organizations who help them in countless ways? Well, I may not have been a refugee but my family and I immigrated to the USA in the 1970’s from Lebanon before my first birthday. At 7 years old I raised my hand and was sworn in as a US citizen. Over the years, I watched how my family struggled to communicate and for the years I have no memories, I listened to stories about our struggles.

Imagine, moving here with nothing more than suitcases of clothes and some trinkets — if you’re lucky to have that much — and little ones to care for. How do you provide for your family, especially if there is a language barrier? Where do you live? What furniture does your family sit on and what about beds to sleep in? I was told very plainly that we did not receive the assistance that these very generous organizations in our midst are providing the abundant refugee population in WNY. Believe it or not, it’s made possible by the incredible volunteers and donations from the community.

Helping Hands Inspire

It’s a blessing how these not-for-profits are helping these displaced and hurting people and I want to support them however I can. This is the inspiration behind Be You Be United. Let’s celebrate our diversity but let’s also cultivate unity. Let’s love our neighbor. If we’re capable, let’s help them translate when they’re stuck and can’t understand what the bank teller is asking them. Let’s extend some patience when we’re behind them at the grocery store and they don’t know how these payment devices work. Let’s treat others how you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Be You Be United Campaign 2 is LIVE!

My next fundraiser is to benefit Journey’s End Refugee Services and it’s happening right now! This wonderful not-for-profit welcomes refugees from around the world and assists them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community. They provide resources and services such as Resettlement, Housing, Immigration Legal Services, Education, Interpreting and Translation and more. When you support Journey’s End, you help to create opportunities for our newest neighbors to find their path to self-sufficiency and thrive in their new home. I am all for it. If you are, too, go check out what great things they’re doing for these people and join me from now until Nov 15, 2023 for my latest, 108 national flag version online store where 20% of proceeds will go to this great nonprofit.

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Be You be United Campaign 2 will run from 10/19-11/15/23. Please follow along and share about this special project!
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