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Ringing in 2024 — Looking Back & Ahead

Ringing in 2024 — Looking Back & Ahead


Here’s a look back at 2023 and what’s ahead for 2024!

In 2023, Be You Be United fundraisers were born. The concept and artwork of celebrating our diversity while also cultivating our unity as a nation was expressed by showing each national flag inside the buffalo shape. My goal is to reach the nearly 200 flags in the world along with some ethnic communities mixed in so that everyone will be represented.

My inspiration

I was inspired by all that was surrounding me in the news and outside my windows where I work and live in this Black Rock neighborhood of Buffalo, NY. Everywhere I turned I saw people from other countries, some nations I’ve never even heard of before. People were walking with containers of groceries on their heads. Men were wearing traditional “skirts” known as a longyi, people in groups of 2 or more speaking completely different languages as they pass by my door. Honestly, people from every continent (minus Antarctica and Australia), I’ve either met or witnessed around me. It’s simply amazing how much WNY has been infused with people from all corners of the world in recent years.

For me it’s personal

Having been an immigrant myself, I flash back to how I was raised and how difficult it was for my family to figure out how to be apart of this great nation — how to communicate, how to provide for their family, how to secure housing and the everyday household needs such as beds, plates, towels, etc. Today, many organizations have been created to fill these needs of our new neighbors that weren’t available to us who came over in the late 60’s – early ’70’s.

I was so impressed by just how much they supply these families with everyday needs such as English language training, a roof over their heads, and a house fully furnished (again in part due to the incredible generosity of WNYers) that I wanted to support them however I could. Using my time, treasures, and talents, I made it happen through the Be You Be United Campaigns. I’ve intentionally targeted raising money for specific organizations that assist Refugees in our area. Last year, I completed 2 campaigns benefiting Jewish Family Services and Journey’s End Refugee Services. Combined, I raised with the help of this beautiful community over $1,500!

I’m not finished yet! There’s more fundraisers coming this year in 2024 and I have bigger goals to reach!

Take a look at what we accomplished:

Where it all began in 2023

Campaign 1: Jewish Family Services, featuring 84 national flag buffaloes, click here to read about it.

Campaign 2: Journey’s End Refugee Services, featuring 108 national flag buffaloes, click hear to read about it.

Follow along!

Please consider following along and supporting however you can by:

  • Joining my email list (fill out form below to subscribe) — hear up-to-date information about my fundraisers and hear who the next beneficiary will be
  • Sharing information to friends and family about the fundraisers
  • Purchasing something from one of the campaigns, and most importantly
  • Lending a hand to someone who could really use some kindness and compassion


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