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Discovering Beautiful People Through Collaborations

Discovering Beautiful People Through Collaborations

Collaborations are a lot of fun! I recently met Rosalie Wright, president of Yarn It Out. She’s from Jamestown New York and has a Facebook and Instagram page along with an active YouTube channel with the same name. She has been crocheting for 47 years and has used that experience to share what she likes in the world of yarn and crafts. Her tagline is “Where crochet, sewing, and wine give you that warm fuzzy feeling…stitch by stitch.”

Buffalo VA Hospital, Buffalo NY

What I loved the most is that Rosalie uses these skills and platform to raise donations for the Buffalo VA Hospital. I was so surprised to hear that a person who lives about 1-1/2 hours away collects donations and crochets items to be donated to our local Veteran’s Hospital right in our backyard. What an inspiration! Here’s why she chose the VA:

Rosalie wanted to use her Youtube channel as a way to give back to the community. She chose the Buffalo VA because her husband is a Vietnam Veteran and they both receive specialized medical care there. The hospital serves two nursing homes for veterans with over 400+ men and woman of all ages. The VA does job training and has a Homeless Closet for destitute veterans. Some of the basic needs that are met are shower facility for the Vets, a place to pick out clothing, and an invitation to eat a meal. Amputees need zippered down hoodies as well as other vets who suffer from PTSD or head trauma because they feel claustrophobic pulling shirts over their heads. Her volunteers crochet/knit and donate lapghans for wheel chair veterans along with hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves. Other items that are collected are socks, under wear, and bras. There’s also personal care items that her listeners send in such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, travel shampoo, soaps, and even bags for veterans to carry items they get from the Homeless Closet. And if that’s not enough, thanks to the great generosity of her followers, Rosalie purchases sodukos, word searches puzzles, and books for veterans who are having in-patient procedures so they have things to keep busy after surgeries etc. She collects all year round and delivers on a monthly basis.


Rosalie found me while watching a video of me holding my BUFFALO, NY Floral mug design and she loved it! Instantly, she knew she wanted to collaborate by customizing mugs for her business with my art. They came out beautifully! She did a giveaway last week of one of the mugs, check out her YouTube Live recording (you can forward to 25:00 to watch my segment).

I love the work Rosalie is doing. I hope you will go checkout her pages and YouTube videos. She has a hearty laugh and a kind heart.

Collage of items that were made and donated to the Buffalo VA Hospital by the generosity of volunteers led by Rosalie Wright of Yarn it Out of Jamestown, NY.

 I would love for you to reach out to thank her and her followers for the thoughtful and much needed items they donate each month. God bless the work of her hands. Here’s how you can find her: 

Yarn It Out
Owner: Rosalie Wright
P.O. Box 64,
Lakewood NY 14750



Follow them:



My original artwork that Rosalie Wright requested her customized mugs to be fashioned after. They were used in a giveaway. Watch Youtube Live video to see the Yarn It Out finished mugs.


Marinette Kozlow is the owner of Inspired Buffalo LLC. She moved her family and business into the home she grew up in and where Mona, her mother, used to run a corner store named Tony’s Deli. It was affectionately called Mona’s by everyone in the neighborhood who also dubbed, Mona, the “Angel” of the corner.