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What's with all these open houses I've been doing? We are approaching an anniversary that was life changing. Next month marks 3 years since the big “C” word came into our world and nearly everything on the planet (!) was shut down. This is my inspiration behind the open houses. Masks and social distancing became a common thing. Event after event was canceled. Then when things started to open up again, there were signs

To be honest, I don't normally follow the Chinese zodiac calendar or even the American zodiac signs for that matter but when I looked up what the animal was for 2023 and read what the rabbit symbolized, I thought it appropriate to mention it since it was right in line with my thoughts for this design series I created for this year. I actually created the first of these ethnic Buffaloes during 2020

The basic definition of a tea towel is a cloth used for drying dishes and utensils. However, it's used for much more than that! They used to be made of linen (and yes, they still are or even a blend) but the most common ones are cotton. What I LOVE about them — besides being a wonderful surface to print beautiful art that hangs causally in your kitchen — is that the flour

The simple answer is YES! One person in particular sent me several recipes from her grandmother's recipe box -- some of which were her great-great-grandmother's recipes! They were yellow or simply brown with age, the edges of the paper are worn out and misshaped, and some were badly torn. The words were difficult to read as some were faded, buried under layers of stains, or even food splatters. Yes, these were extremely old

Years ago, I began the process of teaching myself how to capture, restore, and print old handwritten recipes, notes, and letters onto a variety of items. I’m a very sentimental person and preserving family history means a lot to me — not just mine but yours as well! I had no idea the impact it would have on others (keep reading for the stories). I took my skills and started making Heiroom Recipe Tea