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I will say it until my last breath, it's the stories that motivate me to offer gifts that people will cherish. All the hard work it takes me to complete a special keepsake that people will pass down is worth every minute, especially when I hear the reaction of the recipient. Here is a tender story of Barbe Johnson and her late husband, Tim. I first met Barbe last year during the shutdown of

Collaborations are a lot of fun! I recently met Rosalie Wright, president of Yarn It Out. She’s from Jamestown New York and has a Facebook and Instagram page along with an active YouTube channel with the same name. She has been crocheting for 47 years and has used that experience to share what she likes in the world of yarn and crafts. Her tagline is “Where crochet, sewing, and wine give you that

I've lived in Buffalo nearly my entire life. Minus the part where I was born in Lebanon and came here as an infant, Buffalo has been my home. With this region having 4 beautiful seasons, we get a lot of amazing views. I love enjoying spring, summer, and fall outdoors but I have to say, probably spring is my favorite as the anticipation of new life coming forth after a long cold winter