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Why are handwritten gifts treasured and what is it about handwriting that moves a person? Indeed, words are meaningful but when someone takes pen to paper it means so much more. Unlike the perfectly formed letters from a key board, handwriting is unique to the person writing it and I feel it reveals a little more of their heart and personality. The study of people's handwriting is called "graphology." If you'd like to

My first ever Valentines Galentine Shopping Party was a blast. I loved meeting some new faces and was excited to see some faces I haven't seen in years! What a wonderful surprise it was. The highlight was watching so many participate in the selfie station. You guys were adorable and funny! Please enjoy these pics from the weekend and don't forget to save the date for our Lucky Leprechaun Shopping Party where there's

OK, if you haven't heard that phrase over and over yet I'm sure you will. That song from Taylor Swift is the perfect opening theme to this new year. Before I get ahead of myself talking about goals and dreams, I'd like to first discuss 2021. For a lot of us it's brought about a lot of change and I'm no exception. Well, let's go back a little further

I will say it until my last breath, it's the stories that motivate me to offer gifts that people will cherish. All the hard work it takes me to complete a special keepsake that people will pass down is worth every minute, especially when I hear the reaction of the recipient. Here is a tender story of Barbe Johnson and her late husband, Tim. I first met Barbe last year during the shutdown of