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To Gather

To Gather

What’s with all these open houses I’ve been doing?

We are approaching an anniversary that was life changing. Next month marks 3 years since the big “C” word came into our world and nearly everything on the planet (!) was shut down. This is my inspiration behind the open houses. Masks and social distancing became a common thing. Event after event was canceled. Then when things started to open up again, there were signs everywhere telling us to keep away from each other and plexiglass surrounding those serving us. It really was such a dark time!

We Were Not Meant to be Isolated

This among other complications of the shut-down caused great mental health issues throughout our country and world according to this article from the World Health Organization. Zooms, online schooling, masking at work, school, while shopping and worshiping — even while exercising. A common handshake which once showed respect seemed so dirty. Hugging was definitely out of the question, even with family members! This lasted so long, it seemed it would never end!

I Needed my Community Back

In Oct 2021, 18 months after the initial shutdown where a lot of these mandates were put to bed, I began having Open Houses. Even though I run my shop by appointment only, approximately once a month I open the doors to the public. Why? So we can gather. I want to see your faces. I want to hear about you and laugh together.

My First Open House! Tapestry behind me by Ashley Johnson

Kick-off to my 2023 Open House season featuring my fundraiser project Be You Be United

Some fun pics from my last Valentine’s Open House.

Unique Buffalo Gifts

I also want to share my designs with you and create products that really touch you. It’s almost like a little kid at show and tell, I really get so excited to share them with you and look forward to your honest feedback! Inspiration is everywhere in our great city and the people in it included. My goal is to try to capture the beautiful, quirky, and fun spirit of Buffalo in each piece I make.

Let’s Gather

So, my goal with my Open House shopping events goes beyond me selling my things. I want to create mini events that make you want to come and enjoy — kind of like the theme song from the 1980’s-90’s sitcom “Cheers” where everyone knows your name but with coffee instead of beer. 😉  We’ll have giveaways, door prizes, and some really beautiful Buffalo gift giving ideas to shop for.

You’re officially invited and so are the special people in your lives!

Bring a sweetheart or a bestie to my next open house! The following are the next two but there’s more on the way!


Inspired Buffalo LLC
115 Hertel Ave
Buffalo, NY 14207


Please contact us at: mak (at) inspiredbuffalo (dot) com.

Will I see you here?

I hope so! RSVP is not required but I’d love to know if you’re coming. Here is my Facebook event page for March 4th to find out more info and to let me know if I’ll see you!